About Us

Responsible Lending

Being strapped for cash is frustrating enough as is, without all of the paperwork and queuing usually associated with lending money. Fortunately here at Mulah we believe that taking a loan should be a simple, easy to understand process. We will provide you with all of the relevant information that you could need in order to make a responsible, informed decision regarding taking a loan. We believe in full transparency and there are no hidden costs or clauses within our loan agreements. The only surprise you can expect from a Mulah loan is the speed at which it can be approved. Surprise!


We'll bend over backward to get your personal loan approved and you have the freedom to choose the exact amount of money you would like to borrow. Our online loan calculator will help you to determine what amount you can afford as well as set up a convenient date for when the loan repayment can take place. You have the freedom to change your loan, top it up or take out a new loan all together. Our loans are more flexible than Russian gymnasts.


As a responsible micro lender, everything we do is based around being transparent. All of the information that we provide to our customers is compliant with all relevant legislation and is by no means misleading. All key contract terms and conditions are clearly disclosed in an easy-to-understand manner. We like to keep things fair and straightforward.


We never pressurize clients into signing up for our service or into a credit agreement. We take every step to ensure that clients are well informed of our loan process, allowing them to make informed and responsible borrowing decisions.


Mulah makes every effort to assess applicant's financials in order to provide them with a loan that they will not struggle to repay. These assessments are made through information obtained from credit files regarding previous loans and borrowing habits, signs of financial difficulty and existing or future financial commitments. We wont change our interest rate over the life of the agreement but if a clients financial situation changes it is best that they notify us immediately.

We also believe that financial responsibility is shared. Applying for any form of credit requires careful consideration. We rely on clients to make sensible borrowing decisions. You should only decide on whether to apply or not, if you're confident that you can comfortably meet the minimum monthly repayments and have a plan of how to repay the capital borrowed, sooner rather than later.