About Us

What is Mulah.co.za all about?

"What is Mulah.co.za all about?" We hear you ask. Well, In short, we are a team of young, vibrant and creative online entrepreneurs, analysts and Micro finance specialists who offer innovative financial services to the people of Mzanzi and beyond. We understand our market and their needs, as we are a part of it. Our friends are part of our market, and their friend's friends. Mulah.co.za is about helping you get by, because at some point or another, all of us could use a little helping hand.

How does Mulah work?

It's near the end of the month and the fridge is empty. It is going to take more than that packet of two-minute noodles you have saved for a rainy day to keep you going for the weekend. Besides that, the notion of attending a braai with bottle of sugar water and half a polony just won't cut it. This is a situation that Mulah.co.za can help you with.

We know that time is money and that people hate to wait. That is why Mulah.co.za offers quick, short-term, safe online cash loan solutions. This method of providing Personal Loans allows us to cut out the middleman as well as most of the boring, complicated paperwork associated with loaning from a bank. Quick and easy! Mulah makes use of an online scale, which quickly determines a potential client's risk factor, stating the amount of loan finance that the individual qualifies for. It all happens instantly and the loan can be released into the client's personal bank account anywhere in South Africa.

Hoorah and congratulations! That surfing lesson you had your eye on? Go and do it! How about that hot date you just couldn't afford to pay for? Now you can. You can fill your bathtub with chocolate-coated peanuts if that's what you feel like, anything you want! Once a client is approved for a short term loan from Mulah.co.za (and it doesn't take long) they sign a debit order for collection of the loan and associated fees with their bank of preference. All debit orders must fall within 30 days of the loan.

Our Goal

Mulah.co.za aims to provide easily accessible loan finance to young professionals on a short-term basis. Mulah hopes to make the process of applying for a loan as user friendly and affordable as possible. By making loan finance available instantly over the Internet, Mullah hopes to simplify the procedure of taking a loan as well as repaying it.

Working by the book

We definitely have our ducks in a row. Quick Ching t/a Mulah, is registered with the NCR and complies with all legislation in respect of the South African Credit Regulator. A real mouthful. The company is also registered with the MFSA, the official body of representatives of micro credit providers in South Africa, who represent us at government departments, NCR and industry representative institutions. In other words, we like keep it more legit than MC Hammer, who, in case you are unaware, has always been too legit to quit.