Application Process

What are you waiting for? Follow the easy steps below to get some Mulah transferred directly into your bank account.

1. You calculate your loan amount and term

Use the slide calculator to select the amount of Mulah you would like to loan and the number of days until your next pay-day. Satisfied with your request? Press the Apply Now for an online loan button. (Should you wish to change the information on your request, don't stress, you can update this information at any stage during the application process.)

2. Fill in the online application form

Enter the required details into the application form provided. Be honest now, otherwise you'll just slow the process. You would only be lying to yourself which is a futile business, unless of course you are planning a surprise party for yourself.

We will guide you through the whole process, so it should be quick and easy. Mulah will keep your information private and you only need to complete this step once. Good.

3. Mail or fax us three months bank statements and a copy of your ID document.

Don't take it personally, we just need to know that you are capable of repaying the Mulah we lend you. We make loans responsibly and wouldn't want to cause our clients any unnecessary stress.

Mail your latest 3 months bank statements and a clear copy of your ID document to or fax it to: +27 (86) 599 6280

4. We perform a quick credit check.

Our advanced software then analyses your application and performs a quick credit check based on the information you have entered. This process happens almost instantly so you can pop off to the bathroom if need be, we'll have the results by the time you get back.

5. We notify you via sms and email if the loan is approved.

In some cases this step may take a bit longer (we did tell you to be honest when filling out the application). Occasionally we have a delayed response from the credit bureaus which can also slow things down a bit but never fear, we are constantly working to improve the decision making process. Things just keep on getting better.

6. Accept the Quote and sign the contract and mail or fax it to us.

Mulah will mail you a quote and contract for servicing the loan, this quote outlines all of the loan terms as well as the costs involved. If you are happy with the agreement, which we trust you will be, accept all the terms and conditions and agree to the declarations online and mail or fax the signed contract back to us.

Mail the contract to: or fax it to: +27 (86) 599 6280

If you need some time to consider it further, each quote is valid for 5 days from its issue date and you can view your loan application in the My account section for further reference.

7. We transfer the Mulah directly into your bank account.

This is the best step. Money, transferred directly into your account.