Early Termination

You may make additional payments or pay the Settlement Value early at any time. No penalties shall be charged for early settlement of the Loan.

The responsibility however lies with you to inform us of early payments and a proof of payment must be sent to accounts@mulah.co.za.

Although you may pay the Settlement Value early at any time, without notice to us, in the event that the Settlement Value is paid in full, you bear the responsibility to cancel the Payment Instruction given to the relevant third party service provider in the event of such early repayment.

We will not be liable for any costs or charges associated with the Payment Instruction, in the event that the Payment Instruction is not cancelled timeously. We will however refund to you the loan repayment amount incorrectly debited from your account, via EFT transfer, within 7 (seven) days of the receipt of the loan repayment amount.