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Quick and easy short term loans

Short Term loans

Standing at a till ready to pay for your groceries and the only thing you pullout of your pocket are used tissues and some old receipts? Well then you are in need of a short-term cash injection or like some might call it short term loans!

At Mulah we do just that with our short term loans services, you can borrow the amount you require in a jiffie, let’s say you need R4000, you can then apply for a quick instant loan with no trouble and then pay it back on your next payday (or whatever the amount of days it is you chose)

At Mulah - quick ching, we treat all our short term loan clients with the utmost respect with world-class service and quick turn around time. Let’s go through a few quick reasons why you would need our services for short term loans:

  • You can save time with a Mulah account. If this is your first time you would see that our online loan application is really fast, hence our slogan quick ching! If you have applied before for a short term loan and your application was successful. Then you will find that it is even quicker and easier the second time around, as you can just login with the details we send you and start that second quick loan process.
  • You can save yourself some money by getting a quick loan, instead of falling behind on your debt and getting charged late fees or reactivation (we all know that darn feeling to pay extra to get our electricity switched back on)
  • Don’t fall behind with your bills even if it is only one small account; you will regret it in the future knowing how easy it could have been to have paid it and saved your credit record. And like we said before our short term loans doesn’t mean you have to pay it on your next pay day! Jip that’s right, you can choose when you are ready to pay the short term loan back, from 1 day to 30 days.

So don’t get caught without any cash again! Start you application for an online short term loan from Mulah quick Ching. If you wish to find out more about Mulah short term loans and how we work.

Instant short term loans, no paperwork South Africa

We are proud to announce that Mulah has gone paperless for existing clients, No documents have to be signed and faxed or mailed back to us, it all happens online!

Existing clients that want to apply for a Mulah loan can apply via the My account section. All contracts will be signed simply by clicking the Accept buttons. The only documents that we would still need is your latest 3 months bank statements, but this can easily be uploaded via our upload widget from your desktop PC.

If you are asking why we need the statements, the answer is simply that we want to ensure we are responsible in giving you a loan. Our aim is to be the most responsible and respected Micro lender in Southern Africa and also to ensure you don’s get yourself in a case of over indebtedness.

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