I confirm I understand that I am applying for a loan to be made to me by Mulah and that Mulah will decide in its sole and absolute discretion as to whether to grant the loan or not.
I understand that Mulah relies on the correctness of my details when making a decision as to whether or not to give me a Mulah Loan and I confirm that the details provided by me are true, correct and accurate.
I consent to Mulah (or any of its Nominees) conducting a credit bureau enquiry to assess my credit rating and credit history.
I consent to accepting email as my preferred method of correspondence for purposes of contacting me in relation to my loan
I hereby confirm that the bank details provided are my bank details; (not a joint account) and the details of the bank in which my monthly income is deposited.
I declare that I am currently not under administration or debt review or sequestration and that I do not intend on applying for any of the aforementioned in the next 60 days.
I hereby give my consent to Mulah to cede, assign, transfer or otherwise dispose of its rights under this Application to any third party.
I confirm that Mulah may collect and use the personal information that I give it in the Application to assess my eligibility for a Mulah loan.
I acknowledge and agree that the information provided to Mulah in this Application may, subject to any Law to the contrary, be used by:
  1. other companies associated with Mulah who administer the loans;
  2. any party to whom Mulah intends to cede, transfer or otherwise dispose of, or will cede, transfer or otherwise dispose of its rights under this Application;
  3. any registered credit bureau;
  4. any person who may have a lawful entitlement to the information; and
  5. third parties who have related and relevant products which might interest you.
I understand and agree that no loan will be given to me by Mulah unless I sign an appropriate, required Debit Order Authorisation.
I confirm that I am able to meet the obligations that will be imposed upon me by the Loan Agreement and that entering into the Loan Agreement will not cause me to be over indebted.
If I am married in community of property, I hereby warrant that I have obtained the written consent from my spouse/partner to conclude this Application.
I agree that I will be deemed to have signed this Application and agree to be legally bound thereby.